Ok, it doesn't have to look like our Norwegian yogi Leif when you do yoga outside. But every time we look at the weather apps on our smartphones, we are itching to roll out the mat in nature and get started. Not sure yet? According to these reasons, it will be you!

1. Lower your stress level 🤯 -> 😌

Just 60 minutes in nature noticeably lowers your cortisol level (the STRESS HORMONE).

2. Fill up with vitamins, please 🙏

Sunlight on your skin helps build vitamin D in your body. But don't forget not to leave them unprotected in the sun for too long. ⚠️

3. Stimulate your metabolism 🤝

Breathe in fresh air, breathe out stale air - it feels so good. And a better oxygen supply intensifies the blood circulation and thus stimulates the metabolism.

4. Strengthen your immune system🦠

Exercising outdoors decreases blood pressure and heart rate, and also increases the production of immune cells that protect you from infection.

5. Get more creative 👨‍🎨

Studies have found that your creativity can even double when you exercise in nature. It sounds strange, but we can confirm this from our own experience. 😎

6. Be more focused 🎯

Yoga is generally good for boosting your focus. A study showed that students who were outside, even for a short time, had better memory than those who had to stay inside. 😮


If that wasn't a good reason to do yoga and sport in nature. Whether it's a park, a terrace or an inner courtyard, fresh air is always good. Treat yourself to outdoor yoga and switch off. 🙏

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