We want to talk to you about "winter depression". Why ""? Because ideally it's just a blues you feel due to shorter days, little daylight, cold, hardly being "outside", etc. - and not a "real" depression.

Many who suffer from "winter depression" feel sad, tired, drained, unmotivated. To make sure it doesn't stay that way, we have a few tips for you!

Use the daylight ☀️

There's not much of it, YES, but even through a thick cloud cover the sun still makes it. Take every opportunity to go for a walk, get off one stop early or take a bike to work!

Yoga & Sport! 🧘♂️

Surprise - but exercise helps! Practice yoga - but also any other sporting activity helps to distract yourself, release happy hormones and stay mentally and physically healthy! Team sports (in the context of 2G & Co.) are even better, of course, because...

Meet people

... apropos team and fellow human beings. Spending time with other people, doing something together outdoors or indoors (⚠️🦠 ) is distracting, brings you joy and brightens up any day, no matter how dark it is!🌧

Artificial light

It's not about turning on all the lights in the house right now. But creating a bright environment not only wakes you up, it distracts you from the fact that it's yucky and grey outside.

Create feel-good moments

Treat yourself. Go(t) out for a delicious meal or cook something special, do a spa treatment, go to the cinema or host a movie night yourself, the main thing is to have fun and put yourself out there.


Here they come again with their meditation thingy.... 😂 But here's the thing: relaxation and deceleration as well as a good relationship with yourself help you to notice all the symptoms of "winter depression", observe them and assess them as "not so bad". Winter is coming, but it's also going away!🔥😎

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