International Men's Day | When is a man a man?

Internationaler Männertag | Wann ist ein Mann ein Mann?

When is a man a man?* 👨🧑🏽🧑🏿

Today is International World Men's Day. For us, a reason to make "being a man" a theme. International World Men's Day aims to create better awareness among men about their health - but at the same time it is also about equality between men and women.

We men live on average 5-7 years less than women. No surprise when you consider how many of us live. Little exercise, bad food, high risk-taking, self-destruction and stress - always going faster, further, never stopping and always having to perform.

We often get in the way of our own happiness. We always want more and are never satisfied with the status quo. And on the way to our supposed happiness, we often forget the people around us who have to suffer from our ego trip.

After all, we men don't have it easy... We constantly live with the fear of appearing unmanly and therefore hide our true feelings behind a hard shell. We eat everything up until it eats us up. We show no weakness: not to ourselves, not to our fellow men, not to potential partners - not to anyone.

Of course, that was all a bit exaggerated and certainly doesn't apply to every man. But maybe everyone feels a little bit addressed here. We want to inspire men to discover and cultivate their self-loving side. Yoga and meditation can help us to build a better relationship with ourselves and to start listening to ourselves more. From the moment we come clean with ourselves, we can also communicate better and become not only "better" men, but also better partners, fathers, children and friends.

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