Why proper breathing is so important!

Warum richtiges Atmen so wichtig ist!

And now... breathe! 🧘 🌬

For a long time, not too much attention was paid to our breathing in medicine and science. Mistakenly.

Shallow, incorrect breathing can insidiously poison the body with harmful carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is basically not harmful, in fact we need it, but as soon as you slide into extremes, it becomes critical.

When we are anxious, we breathe extremely shallow and fast to program the body to "escape." However, if this condition persists longer, the consequences are:

- High blood pressure

- heart disease

- immune deficiency

-lack of concentration

And from this permanent state we want to get away and come back to conscious abdominal breathing.

A little self-test:

With a simple test you can recognize your breathing technique:

1. put your hand on your belly

2. notice whether your abdominal wall rises when you inhale and lowers again when you exhale. If it all comes together, we have abdominal breathing, so everything 🙌.

If you hardly notice any change, you are breathing too shallowly and primarily into the chest. This test alone will help you to breathe more consciously into your belly again. Do it 1-2 times a day, and you will train your breathing and learn to breathe more deeply and thus more healthily again.


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