Why yoga is good for your relationship ♥️

Warum Yoga gut für deine Beziehung ist ♥️

Your yoga practice becomes very special when you practice it together with your partner. Why is yoga good for your relationship? We've done some research (and we'll give you the lowdown)😎

Through a regular yoga practice, you start to feel more into yourself and really listen to your body and mind. Thus, yoga is already beneficial for one relationship: namely, the one with yourself. And if this relationship is on a healthy footing, it will also help you to have good relationships with other people or your partner.

Through yoga you open your heart. Sounds cheesy, but it's true. Not only do you physically open your heart region in some asanas and thus create more space for yourself, yoga can also help you achieve more (self-)love, which also has a positive effect on your better half.

Achieve common goals. 🎯 You can also set goals in yoga. For example, you may want to achieve a certain arm balance, get fitter or reduce stress. When you set goals together with your partner, it's like a shared hobby, a shared passion. And what brings people together more than a shared goal?

And last but not least, yoga is physical and practicing it together could awaken animalistic feelings that could also have an extremely positive impact on your relationship. Hey, but please only after the yoga class, but BEFORE Shavansa! ;-)

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