What sustainability means at IKARUS ♻️

Was Nachhaltigkeit bei IKARUS bedeutet ♻️

Sustainability is a term that you now hear or read about everywhere. And that's a good thing.

"Sustainability is a principle of action for the use of resources, in which a lasting satisfaction of needs is to be ensured by preserving the natural regenerative capacity of the systems involved (especially living beings and ecosystems)."

OK, so far, so good.

So we're getting an ever more intense awareness that we can bring sustainability into many aspects of life. In our food, in our travel - and even in our clothing.

At IKARUS, we try to be as responsible as possible with our environment. It's not always easy, it's more expensive and sometimes it takes a bit more effort - but it's worth it to us. ♻️

And what exactly is sustainable at IKARUS?


-> Our clothes are made of the modal fiber and organic cotton - so it's all environmentally friendly. Only a very small part of our clothing is made of spandex.

-> Our products are produced under fair and sustainable conditions in Portugal.

-> We care a lot about the quality and durability of our products. If you buy an outfit, it should be your companion for your yoga practice for as long as possible.


-> Our friends at LagerPlus are a fulfillment/logistics service provider and an organic certified specialist in organic packaging materials.

-> We also work with service providers who ship CO2 neutral.


-> Among other things, we are a vegan, a part-time vegan and an (almost) full-time vegetarian. 😅

-> For every product sold, we donate 1 euro to Ocean Friends projects.

What role does sustainability play in your life? Tell us in the comments!

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