Marcel Spang

Marcel is a model, sports journalist, presenter and one of the faces of IKARUS. He maintains a very active lifestyle and has, among other things, a special passion for bouldering. We appreciate Marcel for his open, honest way, his energy and the positive way he deals with (every) person. So if you are still looking for an idol or role model in your life, take Marcel!

Marcel Spang | IKARUS Yoga Wear for Men
Zachary Winberg |  IKARUS Yoga
Zachary Winberg

Zach is originally from California, but now lives in Cologne. There he works as a yoga teacher and we had the great fortune to meet him.

He is also a face of IKARUS and a great role model for each of us. We love his whole being and he lights up every room he enters. Zach was among the first people ever to try our clothing in the field. His feedback helped us evolve our pants and make them what they are now. Thanks for everything, bro! 👊

Christopher Hübner

Chris is 28, yoga teacher and personal trainer in calisthenics from Cologne! His journey began with a yoga CD of his mother with pelvic floor exercises. And so he has worked from sequence to sequence, from Supta Matsyendrasna to the next - and has become a yoga teacher!

Chris & IKARUS: "I feel pudelwohl in the IKARUS outfit and the extra high and wide waistband, where I was skeptical at first, really gives me a sense of stability and provides a tight wearing feeling! No movement is impossible. There are no more excuses!"

IKARUS Yoga Wear For Men Männerkleidung Yoga aus Köln
IKARUS Yoga Wear For Men Männerkleidung Yoga aus Köln
Hélcio Tolentino

Hélcio is from Amazonas (Brazil) and lives in Germany since 2008.
He is a trained yoga teacher (Vinyasa) and Calisthenics athlete. He originally came to yoga for purely "athletic", but quickly realized for himself that yoga means so much more to him. Especially the positive physical and mental effects of yoga have particularly excited him, so he decided to train.

Currently he is building with "We Teach Yoga" a community for yogis and yoga teachers.

Daniel Heil

Looking for a balance to his professional life, Daniel Heil found yoga practice in 2013 to calm his mind in stressful situations. Through his job in marketing for large fashion companies, he had many opportunities to try and discover different styles of yoga in the US and Europe. After 3 years of intensive and regular practice, many books, international workshops and conferences, the time had come when he started his 200h training to become a Vinyasa Flow teacher at "The Yogaloft" in Cologne and completed it in June 2017.
He is convinced that through regular practice and the connection of body, breath and mind, everything else in life also comes into harmony and we can unfold in our true self.

IKARUS Yoga Wear For Men Männerkleidung Yoga aus Köln Daniel Heil Yoga  Lehrer

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