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We make yoga clothing for men.

Functional, fashionable & sustainable.

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The three IKARUS founders

The yoga brand for men

IKARUS | Yoga Wear For Men. That's us: Claudio, Heiko and Dan, founders of the Cologne-based startup IKARUS. Freshly founded in October 2020, but already more than 1.5 years in development, our mission is not only to create the perfect yoga outfit for men, but also to shape the entire look of the sport.

"Yoga brands for women are a dime a dozen. But more and more men are discovering the positive benefits of yoga for themselves - but there is not yet a brand that exclusively appeals to and inspires a broad mass of men. With IKARUS, we have created this brand. We are functional, stylish and sustainable - and thus everything the modern man desires!"

The idea to develop our own yoga brand specifically for men came to us in a yoga studio in Cologne. Again and again we asked ourselves the same questions in front of the class: What kind of outfit should I wear? What can I move best in and not be restricted because the clothes don't offer enough flexibility? What do I not sweat so much in, even if it gets more intense?And above all: Which outfit do I look good in and feel comfortable in at the same time?

While the female course participants took their seats on their mats in clothes from the numerous yoga brands, many men wear either an outfit they would also wear in the gym, football jerseys or clothes you would expect to find at home on the couch rather than in the yoga studio.

When there are clothes for men, they are usually very "special". Functional and fashionable yoga clothes for the average man? Miss.

Whether in tennis, handball or basketball, running or golf: every sport has its own style. Our vision is to develop the yoga style for men with IKARUS. And so we have made it our mission to develop the style with IKARUS that satisfies men's needs for functionality and "look and feel" in equal measure, and at the same time is high-quality, sustainable and en vogue.

After over 1.5 years of development, several prototypes and always in close exchange with yoga teachers and yogis, we have launched our first collection: Prometheus.

Während die Kursteilnehmerinnen in der Kleidung der zahlreichen Yoga-Marken auf ihren Matten Platz nahmen, sahen wir viele Männer entweder mit einem Outfit, das sie auch im Fitnessstudio tragen würden, mit Fußballtrikots oder einfach im Schlabberlook.

Und wenn es Kleidung für den Mann gab, war sie meist sehr "speziell" oder "spirituell angehaucht". Funktionale und modische Yoga-Kleidung für den typischen Mann? Fehlanzeige.

Egal ob im Tennis, Handball oder Basketball, beim Running oder Golf: Jede Sportart hat ihren eigenen Style. Unsere Vision: Mit IKARUS den Yoga-Style für den Mann zu prägen. Wir wollen die Bedürfnisse der Männer an Funktionalität und „Look & Feel“ gleichermaßen bedienen, und dabei hochwertig, nachhaltig und "en vogue" sein.

Nach über einem Jahr Entwicklung, verschiedenen Prototypen und stets im engen Austausch mit Yoga-Lehrern und Fashion Designern haben wir voll Stolz dann unsere erste Kollektion rausgebracht: Prometheus.

Real is Rare.


To be "real" means to be authentic. Too often, people lack this "realness".
They pretend, hide their quirks and their true personality, often out of fear of not pleasing their counterparts or not conforming to a certain norm.

True "realness" has become rare.

We want to inspire people to have the courage to stand by themselves again and listen to themselves. Those who go into themselves and reveal their weaknesses show true strength. Learn from your mistakes and own up to them, but learn something new every day and grow beyond yourself.

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