Yoga IKARUS Männer Mann Outfit Kleidung

Why yoga is so good
for us men

This is what happens when you practice yoga regularly

You improve your
flexibility & agility

Yoga strengthens our joints & relieves back pain

Yoga helps you in
handling stress

Yoga can have a positive effect on your sex life

Increases your
energy in everyday life

Boosted your
self-esteem & leads to a positive mood


Yoga helps you gain more strength and fitness - even in areas that are difficult to target through conventional weight and cardio training. But yoga is so much more.

We men are under great pressure every day. Job, family, leisure stress. Therefore, we are looking for a balance, an outlet to vent. And ideally, we find this outlet in sports. Whether it's kicking with the boys or working out in the gym - what's good for us is done.

But we men are also functional beings, and everything we do must also fulfill some benefit. That's why we try not only to clear our heads, but also to achieve our fitness goals. Lose weight, build strength, fight back pain or become more flexible - or ideally all of these together.

What many men don't know: Yoga can help us achieve exactly these goals. But the benefits of yoga also go far beyond the physical component, which is why it is so valuable to us: our yoga practice leads to a better ability to concentrate, it helps us to deal with stress more confidently and even leads to improved organ function. Not only the German national soccer team knows that yoga is the perfect complement for the active, balanced and focused man.

Increases strength &
fitness performance

the quality of sleep

Good for the
cardiovascular system

to lose weight

Complementary sports
for professional athletes

concentration & focus

Yoga IKARUS Männer Mann Outfit Kleidung
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