How to start meditating | Part 1

So startest du mit dem Meditieren | Teil 1

Between you and me - I'm not a "meditation guru" 🧘♂️ and it feels a bit weird for me to post such a picture of myself and then give tips on how best to meditate. I feel like a complete beginner. But I know how important it is to meditate and why I do my best to practice regularly. And why? Because of the benefits, of course: managing #stress and anxiety, achieving better #focus and generally a "mindful state of #mind" - that sounds good and worthwhile, doesn't it?

⏰ Anything from 2 minutes to 10 minutes can realistically be incorporated into our daily lives and routines. It's also great if you set yourself a daily reminder.

🤐 Find a quiet place where you can make yourself comfortable and be as undisturbed as possible. Don't go into the living room, where you might be disturbed by other people, but rather withdraw. For example, I often meditate on the train, but not without my headphones.

🧘♂️ Close your eyes and start breathing through your nose in a relaxed way. Feel the oxygen slowly enter your lungs and exhale through your mouth. Repeat, breathing consciously and taking all the time in the world.

💭 It's quite normal that your thoughts now turn to all the problems and appointments you still have ahead of you. As soon as this happens, breathe, smile and try to focus on your breathing again.

🧡 Understand and love yourself. It sounds schmaltzy, but it's good for you. Feel where your thoughts are coming from, why XYZ is frustrating you. But also remember that you will come out of it all stronger and more resilient. This self-awareness leads us to be more supportive of ourselves and start believing in ourselves.

🤣 End with a smile.

Tip: 📱You can also use an app to help you. I use Calm myself, but there are quite a few good ones on the store.


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