Why our yoga brand is called IKARUS

Warum unsere Yoga-Marke IKARUS heißt

Why are we actually called Icarus?

You surely know Icarus and his story from Greek #mythology: Together with his father Daedalus, a highly respected architect, he was imprisoned in the labyrinth of Minotaur built by his father himself. Young Icarus longed for #freedom and began to develop an escape plan with him. They collected the feathers of passing birds 🐦 and built themselves wings from them. After some time, they had collected enough feathers and nothing stood in the way of their escape to freedom. His father admonished him: "Don't fly too high, or the heat of the sun will melt your wings. But don't fly too low either, or the dampness of the sea will cause you to crash as well."

How the story ended, you know. IKARUS got cocky and crashed into the sea.

We interpret the story as each of us leaving our nest (the parental home) and jumping into the freedom of life. We should not become overconfident or pile high, or we will get burned. If we fly too low in life, perhaps selling ourselves short or not believing in ourselves, this will also cause us problems. Our conclusion: Believe in yourself, find your center (in all things in life) and balance - and the leap into freedom will result in a balanced life for you.

Yoga is for many people the instrument or the way to find a stronger awareness for this "middle" or #balance. And that's why we thought IKARUS was just incredibly fitting as the name for our #yoga brand. What do you think? Do you like the name and the thinking behind it? 😌

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