What makes modal fabric so special?

Was macht den Modalstoff so besonders?

Many sustainable fashion brands rely on modal fabric. But what is this new trendy fabric actually made of and what makes it so special?

Our IKARUS T-shirts and yoga pants are largely made of the natural "miracle fibre" modal. Modal is a chemically produced fibre with a natural origin that feels very special.

The modal fibres are extracted from the raw material wood. The fibres are made from cellulose (plant fibres), which is why even vegans and allergy sufferers can wear our clothes without hesitation.🌱

As a rule, beech wood is used for the production, which is also a so-called "sustainable" wood. Thus, the production of the fibre is also ecologically justifiable and environmentally friendly.

"For processing, the wood is first debarked, then broken down into chips and the cellulose is then released from the wood by chemical processes to be processed into the material by a spinning process." https://www.cecil.de/glossar/Modal/

The advantages of Modal:

Anyone who has worn our IKARUS collection knows how good the fabric feels against the skin. The clothes are wrinkle-resistant and even have a cooling effect on the skin.

The fabric allows for good moisture absorption, is durable and breathable, which makes it perfect for the more demanding yoga practice or even for your workout. Moisture absorption is about 50 percent higher with modal fibre than with cotton.

But the look of the fabric is also special. The silky sheen gives clothes made from modal fabric an elegant look - even in the long term.

The production of modal is also more sustainable than other fabrics like cotton, as less water and energy are needed in the production process.

Our IKARUS outfit is made of modal, organic cotton, and for the necessary flexibility, small parts of elastane. You can read more about our outfit here: https://ikarusyoga.com/pages/das-outfit

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