How to bring more movement into your everyday life

Wie du mehr Bewegung in deinen Alltag bringst

Whenever you have the chance to be "outside", go outside. Breathe in the air, close your eyes and enjoy the sun's rays, let go. With our tips, you too can manage to get more activity and movement into your everyday life.

So: How do you manage to move more in your stressful everyday life and when you live in the middle of the city? Here are a few tips that we personally follow every day.

1. get up earlier & go outside

Get up a half to a full hour earlier than usual in the morning and exercise outside. Maybe there's a trim trail near you, or you have a balcony or patio. Your body and mind will thank you for the morning activity - especially now that it's getting light and warm earlier in the morning.

2. do your telcos on a walk

Got a conference call that doesn't necessarily involve video? Great, then put on your headphones, dial in via smartphone and go for a walk during your call. But be careful: Put yourself on "mute" when you don't need to talk - because outside it gets busy more often.

3. do yoga in the park

Got a park near you? Then pack up your yoga mat and pull yourself out of the stressful daily grind for a little session.

4. go to work. At least a little bit.

Do you take the train to and from work? Get off 2-3 stops early and walk the rest of the way. Combine this with the previous point and you're bound to get your 10,000 steps a day!

5. go out again after dinner

After dinner, it's usually off to the couch for a round of Netflix. That's fine, but why not take a little digestive ride on your bike? Then you can indulge in the chips while bingewachting all the more.

6. weekend in the nature

And on the weekend? Actually, there's always some nature in every big city, and it's not that far away. Take the S-Bahn for half an hour and off you go. One look at apps like Komoot and you're guaranteed to find a nice route near you!


So, now there are no more excuses. Let's go outside - every day! What other tips do you have for bringing more nature into your everyday life? We are curious!

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