Yoga for martial artists

Yoga für Kampfsportler 🥊

*Yoga & Martial Arts 🥋 Yoga for Martial Artists 🥊 Whether you practice Taekwondo, Karate, Kickboxing or any other martial art, yoga should never be missing from your workout plan. Find out why now! 🤓

✅ Flexibility

Many yoga poses help you improve your flexibility - and especially if you stay here for a very long time (like in Yin Yoga), this has a very positive effect on your range of motion. And this in turn leads in martial arts to e.g. your high kicks becoming higher and more elegant, but also your submission in ground fighting becoming better.

POWER & CORE -> More balance

You probably know that yoga can also build strength. Through an intense yoga workout, you can equally increase your strength, which also benefits your core. A strong core leads to more balance, which is important in martial arts.


Yoga helps you focus better. An alert, clear head helps you better realize your strategy, movements, and attacks.


If you train hard, you need a break so your body can recover. So if you don't want to do nothing, yoga gives you the opportunity to actively drive recovery - and all the other benefits come with it!😎

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