6 Tips for more Inner Peace

6 Tipps für mehr Inneren Frieden

Especially on Mondays it's: "This week I attack! I'm giving it my all!"🔥

We don't want to curb this "blind" enthusiasm at all, quite the opposite. But we do want to help you channel it better. Going full throttle and still being in #balance? You can do that if you deal with your #InnerPeace. 🧘♂️

What is "Inner Peace" ☮️?

"Inner peace begins when we decide not to let ourselves be influenced by events or other people. Only then do we find our way back to calmness, serenity and contentment and live in harmony and accord with ourselves. No matter how great the chaos is all around. "*

If we apply this to a normal, stressful working day, it is of course not quite simple. Rather, it would be fatal if we did NOT let other people influence us. To help you get a healthier handle on all of these factors, we've listed X ways you can be stronger in the face of these influences!

✅ Don't compare yourself to others. You are you, and the others are the others.

✅ Live in the present - not in the past (where you made mistakes or where everything was better) and not in the future. You are in the now.

✅ Celebrate your positive sides. Don't just look at what you can't do (yet) or haven't achieved. You've come so far, haven't you?

✅ Take time for yourself. Yoga is the perfect blend of physical exercise and mindfulness.

✅ Put away your perfectionism. Always working to achieve the 100%, the best grade, the best presentation - in the end, no one probably thanks you and you've tried too hard for the last few percent - at the expense of your inner peace and balance.

✅ Leave the victim role. Something is bothering you in your life? Then YOU are responsible for turning things around yourself. There is no white knight coming to save you. Be your own hero!

Source & Inspiration: https://karrierebibel.de/innerer-frieden/

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