Tea or coffee? What's best for you?

Tee 🫖  oder Kaffee ☕️ ? Was ist gesünder?

Tea or coffee? Which is better for you? 🤷♂️

If you need a kick to start your day, you usually can't avoid tea or coffee. Caffeine or teein is present in both drinks and thus has an activating effect.

In their chemical composition, teein and caffeine do not differ greatly and are quite similar. Nevertheless, the effect in coffee and tea is completely different:

🫖 Tea 🫖

Teein absorbed through tea has a much more delayed and gentle effect. The teein effect is more long-lasting and occurs later.

Other advantages: Tea relaxes without tiring, reduces stress and promotes mental well-being and is even said to have a wellness and anti-aging effect. 🧘♂️

☕️ Coffee

People who drink coffee regularly are said to be less likely to develop Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. In addition, coffee takes effect within minutes of drinking it because the caffeine enters the blood more quickly. Adrenaline is released and produces the wake-up effect. Caffeine increases our performance and stamina, is good for short-term memory, stimulates muscle activity, which has a positive effect on the heart, reduces the risk of developing type II diabetes and cleans the arteries.


Coffee or tea? That's something everyone has to decide for themselves. We ourselves like to drink our coffee in the morning, and in the afternoon we switch to tea. And what about you guys?

Yogi: @trianils

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