"Truely Aligned" - this is how you make it!

"When the world is loud and you feel overwhelmed, you will find the most peace when you are able to stay true to yourself and in alignment with your inner being."

Great quote from Jessica from @dwellinmagic! And how do you reach this state, how do you get there? It's not that easy, but we've gathered a few tips from magazines, other blogs and from our own experience when the world threatens to crash down on us in our everyday lives 🤯

✅ Spend time with yourself
Yes, you are logically always with yourself, but are you alone with yourself? Consciously take time for yourself, go for a walk without your cell phone, or go to the gym or wellness, meditate and eifnach take time for yourself and your thoughts.

✅ Do what you feel like doing
Each of us probably has our personal weekly schedule. Work or study, yoga or gym, and so on and so forth. But do you always feel like it? Decide if instead of a session at the gym, you'd rather go for a run at the nearest lake, or see your friends.

✅ Let it out
How often do we have emotions that make us mad or sad? Let it out and don't swallow it. Share your emotional world with those around you, or find other "outlets" where you can consciously vent.

✅ Enjoy the moment
You're now with your friends on the banks of the Rhine, grilling and enjoying a sundowner. But are you really there - or in your mind already at the meeting the next morning or at the upcoming exam? Try to be in the present and enjoy the wonderful moment.

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