Why men should meditate

Warum Männer meditieren sollten 🙏

"Meditating is only for ecos and wimps!"

Okay... no. Let's talk.

We men, well, we tend not to accept outside help so readily. We're born warriors, when in doubt, just rely on ourselves and do our own thing. "Asking for advice and help is weak." We also fall into the stress trap significantly more often than women, and when we face problems in our lives, we tend to solve it without outside help.

Find out now how meditating can change our entire mindset and what other benefits it has in store for us:

Meditating makes you more resistant to stress

The exercises lower your blood pressure and pulse, your breathing becomes slower and deeper

You can learn to control and overcome your fears better

You start to look at yourself more intensively and learn more about yourself #SelfAwareness

Your attention span becomes longer (hello social media!)

They say that people who meditate are generally nicer. Interesting.

Meditating can help you fight your addictions

Plus: meditating regularly is said to help mitigate age-related memory loss

For us, meditation is something very masculine (if we even want to use that term). Because it helps us get more control over various situations that cause us problems and stress. And isn't that what we all want? To have everything under control? ;-)

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