How often should I do yoga?

Wie oft sollte ich Yoga machen? 🧘‍♂️

How often should you practice yoga? This could be a very short blog post, because the answer is of course: Every day! But in truth, this question is much more complex than you might think. Because is depends on what exactly you mean by this question.

Do you mean.

"How often should I attend a yoga class?"

"How often should I practice yoga to notice change?

"How often should I practice to get "better"?"


"What is the minimum number of times I should practice yoga to develop a physical or spiritual change?"

One could go on forever. Let's start with how often you could actually "safely" practice each week. You know your body best. A rule of thumb is that a healthy practice for Vinyasa Yoga is usually 3-5 times / week. So you definitely have enough time to recover. Because yes, yoga can be quite exhausting and demanding too. If you want to get stronger, you need to rest.

Are there people who do yoga 7 days a week without problems? Sure there are. There are also people who practice 2x a day - do that too if you feel good about it.

But what is the reason why you do yoga? Do you want to burn some extra calories or get stronger? If so, you can also do cardio or lift weights. Many people do yoga as a workout. That's a good start and reason, but the benefits of yoga go far beyond that!

Yoga is more associated with physical practice here in Europe (or the "West"), while it was originally intended more as a way to connect body and mind.

Do yoga when you feel like it. Take the mental and physical benefits with you - but yoga should never be a compulsion, but much more a relief for you. Sometimes we don't feel like doing yoga either. But when we do, we're glad we found our way to the mat. 🙏

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