Yoga as active recovery #RecoveryWorkout

Yoga als aktive Erholung #RecoveryWorkout 🏋️‍♂️ 🧘‍♂️

You work out every day and are the king in overcoming your inner pig? 🐷🐶 Very good, so you fulfill the best conditions for your transformation! But do you feel like you're often flabby, tired and simply overworked? And does your muscle growth leave much to be desired, even though you're pumping iron on a daily basis? Yes? Then it could well be that you're not giving yourself enough breaks. Don't want to do nothing though? No problem, yoga is the perfect recovery workout!

🧘♂️ Yoga...

👉 ... improves your mobility and thus not only makes you more flexible, but also helps you prevent injuries. Through better mobility, you can also perform many exercises in the gym more cleanly!

👉 ... Helps you focus better and even boosts your brain activity.

👉 ... reduces stress

👉 ... improves your reaction time

👉 ... improves your sleep quality

And there are so many more good reasons for yoga!

Of course, you can also build muscle with yoga, but for us, this is really about your active recovery.

Why do YOU practice yoga regularly?

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