7 reasons why you should spend more time in nature

7 Gründe, warum du mehr Zeit in der Natur verbringen solltest

Whether it's warm, pouring, snowing or the trees are losing their leaves🍁 ... you should take every opportunity to be in nature.

"What can nature do for me after all that I have done for it?"

The following 7 reasons will convince you:

✅ A walk in the green will help your memory.

✅ You feel happier. According to a Finnish study, people who spend just 15 minutes in nature (per day) feel more mentally refreshed and relaxed.

✅ Nature heals you. This sounds esoteric, but it can be taken literally! Natural light helps us heal faster after surgeries and feel less pain in general. Thus, nature becomes a natural painkiller.

✅ You can concentrate better. Being in nature gives your mind a break, which pays you back with a stronger focus on tasks that come later. If you do yoga while you're at it, your mind becomes a laser! ;-)

✅ You can lose weight. Nature is not a magic pill to lose some weight, but if you move outside, you move more. We take more steps, have more space to let off steam, and in the long run, that has an extremely positive effect on our energy balance.

✅ More Vitamin D. 🌞 Surprise, the more you are outside, the more sun you get and accordingly more vitamin D you absorb. This vitamin is said to be preventative for cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease. But be careful: don't expose yourself to the sun for too long without protection!

✅ Less stress. Being outside reduces your stress levels tremendously. Studies show that any time spent outdoors is good for your mind and heart.

*Source: https://selecthealth.org/blog/2019/07/10-reasons-why-being-in-nature-is-good-for-you

Yogi: @astral_alex


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