Our outfit was developed together with yoga teachers and is designed to give you all the movement of an active yoga practice. Our yoga outfit Prometheus is not only great for yoga, but also for other sports that require a high range of motion, such as Calisthenics or functional training.


Functionality meets style. Our outfit was designed by fashion designers. Because a fashionable cut, a high wearing comfort and our high waistband as a unique feature, ensure that you not only feel completely comfortable in our outfit, but also look good in it.


The topic of sustainability is very important to us. This applies to production and the material from which our products are made, to logistics and to the way we work and live. We try to make our processes as sustainable as possible - a little better every day.

Unique feature
The IKARUS waistband

Our high waistband gives you support and safety, and ensures that you can fully concentrate on your yoga practice without restrictions.

The pants are worn so that the waistband is just below your belly button. Thus, our yoga pants allows you a high "range of motion".

Our Yoga Shirt you wear optionally tucked into the pants, but can also be worn over it. It nestles comfortably against your body and prevents it from falling in your face in positions like the downward-looking dog.

Of warriors and gentlemen...

Our yoga outfit is inspired by Far Eastern martial arts clothing - in style and functionality.

For us, the IKARUS outfit is a uniform that makes you stand out positively when you enter the yoga class. The waistband also reminds us of the cummerbund - an accessory of the classic men's wardrobe.

So our outfit unites the discipline, determination and the courage of a warrior with the elegance and the self-conception of a gentleman.

Design: Sara Hamacher


Modal fabric & organic cotton

Our Yoga Functional Wear consists of at least 46% of the natural miracle fiber Modal and organic cotton.

Modal a fine fabric made from (organic) plant fibers, which is becoming increasingly popular. Like viscose, modal fibers are made from 100 percent cellulose, i.e. plant fibers, and thus belong to the cellulosic man-made fibers. Modal fabrics are compared to viscose, cotton or other fabrics, smoother, more absorbent, more heat resistant and have a higher strength.

To ensure the necessary flexibility, our yoga pants also contain 8% elastane.

Yoga pants: 46% modal, 46% organic cotton 8% spandex

Yoga shirt: 50% modal, 50% organic cotton

What makes our clothes so special
High wearing comfort

The modal fiber is pleasantly soft and promises a comfortable wearing feeling.


Our clothing is very breathable. So it won't let you down, even if it gets exhausting.

Moisture absorption

The modal fiber has a 50% higher moisture absorption than cotton and is therefore ideal for sportswear.


The modal fiber is more dimensionally stable, more durable and heat-sensitive.
For this reason, clothing made from modal fiber has a long life and is thus perfectly suited for sportswear.


Compared to conventional cotton, organic cotton and modal fiber is considered more sustainable because less water and energy are needed in the production and processing of the materials.


Even vegans can wear our IKARUS clothing, because the modal fiber is made from cellulose (plant fibers)

Sustainability as a mission

Not only the modal fabric is resource-conserving in its production, but also the organic cotton used for the production of our clothing. It uses up to 91% less water than conventional cotton production. In addition, organic cotton plants are not genetically modified and contain no chemical pesticides.

Yoga Hose Ikarus Männer Outfit
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