That's why you should do yoga outside

Darum solltest draussen Yoga machen

When it gets warmer outside, we start to go outside more often for our sports and yoga practice. Why yoga in the fresh air is especially good for us, you will learn in this article.

Good reasons for yoga in nature

✅ Outdoors, your blood circulation is especially stimulated, which makes for a more active cardiovascular system. The fresh air also makes you fitter and more alert! ☕️

✅ Outdoors, you're less likely to encounter cold viruses and bacteria. Unlike the studio🦠 💪

✅ Outside, you'll fill up on vitamin D, which will make you feel better right away! ☀️

✅ Your senses will be heightened! 👂 You'll hear the sounds of nature, birds, the wind, and more, which can be incredibly calming and will intensify your #YogaPractice and #Meditation!

✅ By practicing in nature you will get better! Why? Because there are many more sources of distraction that you will learn to block out. This will train you to focus better.

CONCLUSION: So, get out of the living room or studio and into nature! Ask your yoga studio if they might offer (or plan to offer ;-)) outdoor classes! We can hardly wait ourselves! 🧘

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