Get enough vitamin D - even in winter! ❄️

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☀️ *These last summer days* ☀️

(Let's talk about vitamin D)

The time has come when summer still shows itself briefly here and there, but #nature is slowly sending the first autumnal signals and it is getting colder, overcast and wetter...🍂

With the change in weather, we're also getting outdoors less. But that's a big mistake! 😨 And especially if you're sitting in your #HomeOffice, it can make you not leave your home all day. 🏠 Today we're putting the focus on vitamin D - the "sunshine vitamin"!

Too little sunlight or UV light can lead to #VitaminD deficiency, and a deficiency in turn can lead to #Osteoporosis - a disorder in bone metabolism (weaker bones -> susceptibility to fractures), among other things.

So how much sunlight do we need per day? 5-25 minutes is recommended. 🕰

Even if it is overcast or raining, we always get a little light when we go outside. So we should, responsibly of course, take every opportunity to enjoy the sun.

Our tips for getting more "outside" in everyday life:

-> Meetings: ask if you can leave the camera off and go for a walk. Make sure you take a quiet route ;-)

-> Take detours on your way to work to collect steps. Classic is to get off the famous 1 train station earlier.

-> Pedometers are generally a good tool to keep track of how your step account looks like for the day. Got a 10 min break? Go outside!

-> Lunch at the park! Take your lunch to the park around the corner and sit on a bench or on the grass with your colleagues. It might not always be easy in the fall, but then treat yourself to a digestive walk afterwards.

Do you have any other ideas for more sunshine in everyday life? We are curious!

Yogi: @enrico_bade


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