Why men should keep diary

Warum Männer Tagebuch führen sollten 📖

Dear Diary...

Men should keep a diary. Period. Or isn't that more of a woman thing? Today we want to dispel this stereotype and convince you why men should also write regularly in their diary.

Writing down how you feel has proven to be extremely valuable for mental and physical health. And that's something we men should pay more attention to, isn't it? We've listed four great reasons that will motivate you to start journaling today:


When you write, take time for yourself and your thoughts. Make sure that only you have access to your diary and no one else can look in. You should always feel safe to let your thoughts run free.


You can track your feelings via a diary. Thus, you can start to reflect yourself more and find out why you felt how in which situation.


Keeping a diary makes you think more positively and live an overall healthier lifestyle, which also affects your physical health.


Your journal is your "safe space." Here you can let out everything that moves you without being judged for it. Of course you should take care that really NOBODY has access to your diary except you...😱


Convinced? Do you keep a diary?

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