Why yoga is good for us men

Warum Yoga gut für uns Männer ist

Why is yoga so good for us men?

Not only the German national soccer team knows that yoga is the perfect complement for the active, balanced and focused man.

There are many good reasons why men should practice yoga: Yoga trains both body and mind. Yoga helps us increase our strength, endurance and flexibility. Yoga reduces our stress levels and lets us sleep better at night. Yoga can even increase our libido and performance in bed.

Yoga also enhances our ability to concentrate and helps us focus better. Yoga promotes our overall well-being, strengthens our bones, and can prevent or relieve back pain. Through yoga you get to know yourself from a completely new side.

Yoga helps us gain strength and fitness - even in areas that are difficult to target through conventional weight and cardio training. However, yoga is not only good for us on a physical level, but also on a mental level.

The advantage of yoga at a glance:

Increases strength & fitness performance

Improves sleep quality

Good for the cardiovascular system

Helps to lose weight

Complementary sport for professional athletes

Improves concentration & focus

Find out what happens when you practice yoga regularly: https://ikarusyoga.com/en/blogs/ikarus-blog/das-passiert-wenn-du-regelmassig-yoga-praktizierst

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