What must a good men's yoga outfit be able to do?

Was muss ein gutes Männer Yoga-Outfit können?

With our PROMETHEUS outfit by IKARUS we have developed the perfect yoga outfit for men. But what exactly does "perfect" actually mean and why is a separate outfit for men so important?

We at IKARUS have been practicing yoga for many years and one thing has always been missing: a yoga outfit in which we feel completely comfortable. That's why we made it our mission to develop an outfit that is optimally designed for yoga practice. And what must this outfit be able to do to be "perfect"?

⚒️ Provide functionality...

Yoga clothing must offer the wearer safety while allowing all the freedom necessary for a challenging yoga practice. Our outfit was developed together with yoga teachers and is designed to allow all the movements of an active yoga practice. However, our yoga outfit is thereby not only very suitable for yoga, but also for other, movement-intensive sports such as calisthenics or functional training.

🌍 Being sustainable...

The topic of sustainability is written in capital letters for us. Be it in production and the material our products are made of, in logistics, or even how we work and live. We try to make our processes as sustainable as possible - a little better every day. And that's why this sustainable mindset is something that is simply part of an authentic yoga outfit.

😎 Just looking good....

Style is also part of it. Our outfit was designed by fashion designers who have designed many lifestyle collections. Because a fashionable cut, a high level of comfort and our high waistband as a unique feature, just make you feel good - inside and out.

Want to know more details about our outfit? Then take a look here: https://ikarusyoga.com/pages/das-outfit

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