What can I do for the environment?

Was kann ICH für die Umwelt tun? 🏔

"Take only memories, leave nothing but footprints." 🦶
(Chief Seattle)

For Environment Day, we wanted to take a look at what WE can do. In fact, each and every one of us.
"The purpose of World Environment Dayawareness about the threat to the environment due to rising pollution levels and climate change."

Every single action, no matter how small, has an effect. Only when we all become more aware of what good we can do for our planet will we make a real difference.

What can YOU do for the environment? We have a few tips for you here!

Our diet
Okay, tough topic, but immensely important. Question (yourself) where your food comes from. The fruits and veggies that end up in our grocery cart.... should they even currently exist? Where do they come from? Have they been on a long journey?
If you eat meat or fish - ask under which circumstances the animals were kept. Consider that 1 kilo of beef requires up to 15,000 liters of water*! You don't eat meat at all? Even better!
Our mobility
Yes, it is sometimes difficult. In cities, getting around is often easier and you can quickly take your bike or the subway to the office or to friends. In rural areas it gets more complicated. However, always try to ask yourself if you really need the car for this route - or if you could also go by bike. Carpooling is a great idea to save C02 and still get from A to B quickly.
And even if the train is sometimes late - plan a little more time and take the train instead of flying. Cologne - Berlin may take a little longer from door to door by ICE, but you'll travel with a better conscience.
Our behavior
We all want to experience something and enjoy nature and beautiful places. That is also totally okay! But be responsible with your environment and take everything you brought with you. "Leave nothing but footprints" is one of the greatest quotes you can name in this context. Try to apply it.
Our clothes
And then we can also do something for the environment through the clothes we wear. What are the clothes I wear actually made of? What are the fabrics? Where do they come from, where are they made, and how does the package actually get to my house? And most importantly, what are the values of the company behind the brand? Do they value sustainability?

At IKARUS, we are working to bring sustainability into all areas of our business. To be honest, that can sometimes be quite strenuous and also expensive - but it's worth it. And it's not actually possible to achieve 100% perfection - but we get a little bit closer every day.

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*Study of the Federal Association of the German Meat Industry e.V.

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