How yoga helps you focus in the home office

Wie dir Yoga im Homeoffice zu mehr Fokus verhilft 🧘‍♂️

Many of us have switched to a home office in the last 1.5 years and still work from home for the most part. This has many advantages, but also some disadvantages. 👍 👎

Yoga can help you on a physical AND mental level to make working from home easier for you.

✅ Let's start with the body 💪

Often we don't have the most ideal conditions in the home office, keyword "workplace". The neck quickly becomes stiff or back pain creeps in over time. The fact that we don't have a commute to work (no walk to the train, no bike ride) and that we have shorter distances (to the coffee shop, supermarket or canteen) also means that we are less utilised. A yoga session can help you strengthen your back muscles and relax your entire body. We also recommend combining calls with a walk if possible.

And on the mental level? 👻

Yoga can help you to become more relaxed and thus more resilient to stress, but also to be able to concentrate better. "The entire yoga practice serves the purpose of quieting the thoughts in your head. Through the meditative design of the exercises, you learn to focus your mind on one thing and let the wandering thoughts become more and more still. "*

What is your opinion on home office and do you prefer to work on site or from home?

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