How to make your home a retreat

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We make vacation plans that we then look forward to for months: "Finally, relaxation, relieve the stress and breathe deeply. Hang in there, it's going to be good!" 🧘♂️

But always having a specific event in the distant future to focus on shouldn't be our saving anchor when things are bad for us TODAY, right? How about having an environment, even in the here and now, where we can retreat after a busy day?

Make your home your own personal retreat:

✅ Create a corner in your home where you can read, practice yoga, reflect and meditate. Get a sound system to listen to music that will bring you down. Very important: your cell phone is forbidden here. :-)

✅ Make your bathroom a spa. Your bathroom should be a place where you feel comfortable. Treat yourself to a room scent that relaxes you. Consider whether you like the colors in your bathroom - if not, change them. A plant will also bring new life.

✅ Clean out. Many things accompany us for many years - and we don't really know why. Sure, there are memories attached to them, but at some point you'll be out of the age where you keep empty alcohol bottles... A clean room filled only with furniture, pictures and accessories that you associate something with (and if you just think it's beautiful) brings a calm atmosphere ☺️

✅ Cooking connects. Often the kitchen is a practical place. This is where food is prepared (often simply in the micro for men) and then consumed on the couch. It would be better if your kitchen is a place where you enjoy being, cooking with friends, and eating in peace. Think about what's missing for you personally to perfect your kitchen (aside from your cooking skills)! ;-)


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